April Wrap Up

April was another decent reading month for me. *tralaalaaa, yes I'm very consistent, cuz I have read 4 books every month since January* Let's just jump into the wrap-up, shall weee?  YUP.  THOSE WERE ALL THE BOOKS I READ THIS MONTH.  *linked to my goodreads reviews* The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan  The Bone [...]


The Tome Topple Readathon+TBR

The Tome Topple Readathon is BAAACK. Earlier on today, I was watching videos by Caz from Little Book Owl on YouTube (check her announcement video and she had recently posted her Tome Topple Readathon's TBR on her channel, so I got super excited for it! I'm sorry this post is going up late, but GOSH. NAH. IM [...]

100 FOLLOWERS?! *tis not a drill*

*I'm planning to have a Q/A blogpost soon, for reaching 100 followers, so leave all of your questions down below in the comments section! 🙈❤* *all gifs from le interwebs* WE. HIT. 100.  PEOPLE.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. AHHHHH I'M SCREAMING. GODS.  Okay, Anj, calm down.  NOOO BUT I CANNOT. YOU GUYS. THANK [...]

March Wrap Up

*sings dramatically* I don't wanna live forever, cuz I know I've been living in pain...*cue a a big sigh as thinking about the universe can be stressful*  Just kidding, guys. 😂  March was the month where I battled my examinations and I was pretty much very focused on studying. This is a warning to my readers [...]

Dreamy Book Covers Tag

WHERE'S ANJ BEEN THIS WEEK? OFF ATTENDING A NEW SESSION OF SCHOOL. Sup, my unicorns! I really love doing tags and was fortunate enough to be tagged by the lovely Tiana, over at The Book Raven. She's also the lovely creator of this tag, so, check out Tiana's post here. I don't want to make this really [...]

Libraries:A discussion 

*this post was inspired by the post which Tiana from The Book Raven posted. Clicks here to view her post.* Hey, fellow readers! This is your girl, Anj! I have a lot to say about Libraries, so hang on to your seats (or bookshelves) *that's not even punny,Anj(facepalm)*  It's going to surprise you guys, if I told [...]

The Aesthetic Blogger Award

Sup people! Your girl, Anj is back with something really aesthetic. Well, dun dun dun. *Drum roll please* THE BLOGGER AESTHETIC AWARD!! (Anj lacks creativity) I saw this tag float past me when I was reading blogposts of people I love following here, and BAM! Louise from geniereads had done this tag, so I ventured into planning [...]