The Happiness Tag 

HOLA FAM!  I was tagged by the lovely Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional to do 'The Happiness Tag' and here it is! Head over to her beautiful blog to check her version out.  Warning : TINY, TINY POST AHEAD.  *all gifs from le interwebs* FIVE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY: Books. Anything bookish. I adore books so much [...]


The Rebelling Playlist

SO HEY PEOPLE. Many of you are sitting for your boards or have examinations this month (i.e  in India) and from which ever part of the globe you are from. Don't fret. I'm one among you. And so, I decided to share with you guys, my playlist of songs that I listen to, to get [...]

The Chainsmokers Book Tag

The lovely Kat from @katreadsalot and  Maria from @littlelivres me to do The Chainsmokers Tag which both of them created! Go check the original version of Kat here and Maria here.  You guys must be knowing the duo 'The Chainsmokers'right? They are a music duo who produce trap/EDM beats and stuff and have collaborated with many artists like Halsey, Daya etc. I'm just getting into [...]