The Book Interview Tag

Knock knock. Who's there? Anj. Anj who? That basically summarises my hiatus here, on my blog. And no. You guys should get used to my erratic posting for a year. Exams. School. Very important year. You geddit right? Anyways, I'm glad to inform y'all that Anj's bad puns are back for a while on the … Continue reading The Book Interview Tag


Shutter Island will make you insane.

There are two categories of movies. Some movies blow your mind. But some make you insane in a good way. Shutter Island belongs to the latter. It's based on a book of the same name by Dennis Lehane, in case you're interested to read the book first. Unfortunately for me, I got to know that … Continue reading Shutter Island will make you insane.

Anj’s Ramblings: Blogging Slumps // I’m not really back? 

Oh hi. This is Anj. Yo. Heyaaaaaaa. Yeah guys. I'm back. Temporarily. Stick around. *Anj's Ramblings is a monthly feature where Anj rants about the things that have been a huge part of her life, certain things she's passionate about and mundane things that you shouldn't be reading about, but you are here anyway. It … Continue reading Anj’s Ramblings: Blogging Slumps // I’m not really back?