Under the dim street lights, 

A beautiful soul cries, 

Wailing out her silent pleas, 

To a world from which she wants to flee. 

Despair hangs around her, 

Veiling her all over, 

Running for cover, 

Sinking lower and lower. 

Her thoughts drag her in

A place where only she exists. 

Shouting out for help, 

No one listens. 

And at last, silence. 

I’m really sorry for not posting on here lately, you guys. School has started and yeah we’re being bombarded with tests and stuff. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, THIS HAS TAKEN A TOLL ON MY READING. I have read only read one book this month help. Ah and I’m not sure about when I’ll be posting here next, but I had everything planned out earlier in May for June, so I’m hoping to write and schedule a few posts soon. ALSO, 200 FOLLOWERS HOLY ZEUS. THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH. I need to make a post on this. But, gah. Did you like this thing that I wrote? Let me know! Hope you guys stick around. 😻



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