Anj’s Ramblings : Glasses

Hey there, my lovely unicorns! Today, I’m here with a new feature!

*Drum roll please* ANJ’S RAMBLINGs!

*Anj’s Ramblings is a monthly feature where Anj rants about the things that have been a huge part of her life, certain things she’s passionate about and mundane things that you shouldn’t be reading about, but you are here anyway. It will also feature a lot of dramatic narration, sass, and wayyy more sarcasm than the normal level of what human beings can take in*

*all gifs from le interwebs*

We all knew before hand, that this feature was bound to happen one day, right?

Anyways, as a girl who wears glasses constantly (that is, to the point where Anj and her glasses are inseparable), I definitely understand the struggles of wearing glasses. Mind you, if I take them off, I would be blinking and my eyes would start watering *because, my tired eyes have got used to it* (says someone wh has got a 1 something power and 2 something power in her left and right eyes respectively)

Some may say that it’s not much because I personally do have friends who suffer with 4s and 5s. BUT, maintaining these suckers is a damn tough job and if anybody paid me for all the efforts I’ve taken to keep my glasses in pristine conditions, I’d be a millionaire right now. Let’s see Anj’s experiences with her glasses.


It’s quite a story really. I couldn’t see things distinctly (far off things)and this occurred out of the blue (or maybe, I hadn’t noticed it before), but then, a quick trip to the optometrist and BAM! I had a damn superpower (in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about the state of my eyes) It took only a second for me to realise that I will have to wear glasses. And that’s how I met my annoying best friend.


I was so confused on which frame to pick because, the cute nerd glasses that looked so good on some of my friends, made me look like a raccoon. Yup. 

AND after this, I turn around and I see this black framed piece of glass just screaming my name. And I made up my mind. This is it.


We ordered that particular piece and I had to wait for an excruciatingly long period of 48 hours.


Tadaa! Finally, I had my glasses in my hands, then I put them on. THE WORLD SEEMED TO BRIGHTEN. The stars seemed to shine relentlessly. It was as if a thousand bulbs hovered. And Anj saw everything she couldn’t before. *dramatic*

BESTIES HAVE THEIR ANNOYING SIDE. I’m sure you totally didn’t see that coming.

Problems I face now:

  • Look up, push your glasses up or they gonna BREAAAaak.
  • Look down, adjust it or it is gonna BREAAaak.
  • Poke yourself in the eye when you’ve taken off your glasses for getting the dirt off them.
  • Smudges. THE END OF ME.
  • Trying to find a right position to lay down with your glasses *because, Indians may know this joke: *to have dreams in high definition*
  • To see the difference between how you used to see the world VS how you do now: *takes off glasses* (pterodactyl screaming) *puts them back on* (relief floods)

    All in all, I’m very thankful to my glasses for preventing me from mistaking people for bins. I’M NOT KIDDING. maybe. Or may not be. LET’S GO WITH MAYBE.   Hope you guys liked this post, please do come back for more*that is, if you felt it hilarious or felt that it made your sad lips see a hint of a smile!*

    -Anj xx


    12 thoughts on “Anj’s Ramblings : Glasses

    1. Mahriya @ MyBookishLife says:

      Gosh, I can so relate. You see my first pair of glasses were UGLY and I dont even know why I CHOSE THEM and then after a while I got new ones and I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART.
      To see the difference between how you used to see the world VS how you do now: *takes off glasses* (pterodactyl screaming) *puts them back on* (relief floods)


      • Anj @ seaweed books says:

        IKR. With glasses on, I feel like a person who can’t be ignored. They really make me look me. 😂 At first, I as reluctant to wear glasses, but, after a few days, I just got used to it! And I started loving it with all my heart 😍💛


    2. Mukta says:

      AAAAAAHHH I loved this post! I must agree that smudges are the most annoying things in the planet. Buuuut it’s an eternal truth that glasses are (usually) made of GLASS and glass gets smudged. Ugh.


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