The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

 Not all of us know what we are. Some of us die without ever knowing. Some of us know, and we never get caught. But we’re out there. 

Trust me. 

M Y  R A T I N G:  4/5 STARS. 
Hey. I read ‘The Bone Season’ and now, I do understand what all the hype was about. It had everything I needed + a lot of confusion and gobbledygook terms that made me hit myself with a pan to register all of those in my brain. The book was confusing at times, but I really enjoyed reading the book for its fascinating nature and intriguing premise. ‘ The Bone Season’ was a solid first book and indeed does set up the stage for the series to progress through*I’m late here, the third book has been released. Typical Anj.* It is a perfect mixture of action, thrills, and some very good world-building. Plus, the genre is a blend of dystopian fiction and fantasy with hints of paranormal twists, which makes it 88947372% more interesting. This book reminded me of Leonardo Di Caprio’s ‘Inception’. I don’t even know why, but in ‘Inception’ we have things like a dream within a dream and invading people’s dreams and a lot of confusing stuff. Maybe confusing things bond together. *wink*

Let me break it down for you. 

The world: I simply LOVED the world for its complexity and it’s vastness. It was very intricately crafted with a lot of care and precision, and let’s be real here: WHO DOESN’T LOVE NEW WORLDS BEING CREATED? I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT THE WORLD WAS THE REAL THING THAT MADE THIS BOOK WONDERFULLY NEW AND UNIQUE. (Didn’t mean to bring my fangirl mode here, but you know it’s always intervening) Shannon definitely gets extra points for portraying the world of Scion and Sheol-1 in such a way where it was so damn interesting. We have this secret underground syndicate, a group of gifted Clairvoyants, other worldly people *aka Rephs* and some human-munching cannibals *I swear to not be graphic*. AND ALL OF THAT STUFF INTRIGUES ME AND ARE INSTANT BOOK BUZZ WORDS. (well, except cannibalism)

*so confusing*

The plot: 

Holy Hephaestus. YOU EXPECT ME TO TALK ABOUT THIS GIANT BURGER OF A PLOT? *facepalms* The plot revolves around Paige, a 19-year old, who is a clairvoyant (aka she can contact the spirit world), but she is a very rare one too: A dreamwalker. BUT, the problem is that, it is set in a futuristic London and Clairvoyance is considered ‘unnatural’ and ‘illegal’. THAT’S BASICALLY ONE PINT OF THIS BEHEMOTH OF A PLOT. Shiz gets weird, we’re taken to another world and there we get introduced to The Bone Seasons which, means ‘Good days’ (ironic.trouble starts there.) I’m totally not screaming. *SOMEONE IS LYING.* I shouldn’t reveal any more of the plot. Go into the book blind. 


Of course. With a great plot and world, come great characters. Shannon introduces us to a fantastic set of characters and at first it’s difficult to remember so many names, but then, you get used to it. Paige is a badass character and I adored her to pieces. She also is quite a rebel and that made me love her even more. Arcturus, gosh. HE’LL MAKE YOUR HEART GO THUMP-THUMP. He’s mysterious and it takes a bit of time to start understanding him, but then, he will become an instant favourite. 

Paige’s clairvoyant gang, which includes Nick, Jaxon, Zeke, Dani, Eliza, Nadina and Paige herself, are all a very interesting set of characters. Each one possesses one type of clairvoyance and that adds multiple layers to the already complicated Clairvoyant system. There are few more characters Paige befriends in Sheol 1:Liss, Julian, to name a a few. They add a very unique touch to the story. I would say that Shannon has given us an array of marvellous characters who are so, so badass that they’ll make the most badass people jealous. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW. 

Beauty and the Beast Elements: 

I’m referring to that cheeky bell jar containing the dying rose and then its transformation into a beautiful rose in bloom happens towards the end. *shuts up because she’s going to scream otherwise*

I enjoyed this book very much but in few places, we had a lot of info-dumping and confusing terminologies. I still haven’t grasped all the terms and I’m sure a re-read in the future will clear up all my doubts regarding this complex world. Really looking forward to picking the second book up soon. 

Until Next Time, 



5 thoughts on “ The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

  1. I LOVED this book when I read it so I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! I haven’t yet read The Mime order so I know just as much as you do within the book. I was also a bit late to the party 😂 I can’t WAIT to read book two!!


  2. I’ve read all three so far, and I’m so glad you like it! You’re going to love The Mime Order and The Song Rising. They’re even better than The Bone Season. It’s such a compelling series.


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