Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

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Beautifully heart-wrenching, ‘Milk and Honey’ will break you. Will heal you. Will make you realise your importance as a woman and as a girl in this society dominated by men. It will make you feel the triumph, the loss, the pain and the love that comes with joy and happiness. Each one of the four chapters will make you stronger and make you believe in yourself. It is must for any girl to read this book because it will mould you into one strong soldier of this society. And trust me. We need more such soldiers.

This book illustrates the power we possess. The power we possess and that which we never knew and possessed. It will make you rethink about all that has happened in your life. Rupi Kaur helps you to face the struggle that lays ahead bravely and without fear.

Milk and Honey is nothing short of an inspirational book. The impact it had within the short 30 minutes span is simply astonishing that I, myself cannot believe how it has made me a different person with a positive outlook of life. Rupi Kaur talks about being a women, abuse, love, heart-break so poetically that her writing flows with elegance. 

I personally found myself echoing with ‘The Healing’ section where Kaur takes you through being a woman and also being proud if it; to embrace it and love it. 

Some favourite poems:

Profound and impacting, this book will be your best friend and will teach you to love being yourself and tough and strong and powerful. Simply awe-inspiring. 


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