Peter Pan by J.M Barrie

…. so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless. 


So I finally read Peter Pan. And let me tell you it was freaking good. I adored every chapter of it although the middle half of the book went a bit slow. I’ve heard many people saying it is really worth trying out and almost every person has read it except me. AND TADAA. I’ve done it finally. I read the first 118 pages in two day and then picked the book up after a week to complete it. Damn you, reading slump. Anyways, Peter Pan can be described as a children’s story that can be loved by all. It has deeper implications and metaphors than what meets the eye. 

This, being a review of a classic, will only have an overall review because I’m sure most of you have already read this or already know the story so talking about the plot won’t spoil anything. 

Beginning with, Wendy, John and Michael flying out of the window with Peter to Neverland. While reading that passage, I swear I was full of envy that they could fly. How cool it would be to fly in the air! It  also re-kindled the inner child in me and brought back so many beautiful memories. Neverland itself was my typical childhood dream. Mermaids, flying, fairies. What else do you need? PIRATES. And that was there too. Hook and his ‘dog’ slaves perfectly completed the childhood arc. 

Next, Captain Hook’s other side. I mean, not his blood hungry, Peter Pan frenzied side, but the side that craved a mother, morality, justice and longing. It was good to see Barrie describe Hook’s villainous side with realistic touches. I highly appreciate him for portraying Hook’s weaker side so well. 

The man was not wholly evil; he loved flowers  (I have been told ) and sweet music, and let it be frankly admitted, the idyllic nature of the scene stirred him deeply. Mastered by his better self, he would have returned reluctantly up the tree, but for one thing. What stayed him was Peter’s impertinent appearance as he slept.

Even after putting poison into Peter’s cup, he felt guilty. This shows Hook’s other perspective. 

Throughout the book, several themes were reflected. Some of them were Motherhood, Growing up, Love, Ecstasy etc. Several great moments in the books also showed the innocence of children and their purity at heart. 

The ending was a bit sad (for me) but I assure you nothing bad happens. It was just that I felt empty after reading the book. Now I do understand why, this book is considered one of children’s literary classics. Picturesque scenarios combined with childhood play at its best. 

Hope you liked reading that book review and stay tuned for more fun stuff! See ya! -Anj xx


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