The Story behind seaweedbooks

Hey people! 

Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you all the story of how the name ‘seaweed books’ popped into my head! I was inspired to do this blog post because of my cupcake Zelle over at fragilemyths. Definitely check her wonderful blog if you haven’t already. 

If you didn’t know, I have a goodreads, pinterest and of course this blog with that name (seriously Anj? ) I also had a #bookstagram with the same name but it’s currently sleeping (aka hiatus) why? You may ask. Well, check why it’s on hiatus here



My bookstagram wasn’t always seaweedbooks. First it was named read.ship.fangirl and then crinklypages and then I settled for seaweedbooks. It’s a very stupid story really. I was bored of crinklypages, so, I wanted a new name obvs. 

At that very moment, Percy Jackson came into my mind. That series is so dear to me and has a very special place in my heart along with Harry Potter and Narnia. 

My username cannot be Percysomething right? So. TADAAAAAAAAAAAA


It’s a way of gratitude for Uncle Rick and Percy and Annabeth and all of those wonderful characters. 

HMM… was that boring? YES. Did I like doing it. YES. 


Once again, thank you Zelle for inspiring me to do this blog post. ♡

Hope you liked reading this post! Stay tuned for more and hit that follow button so that you don’t miss out!! We are the seaweed fam! -Anj xx


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