Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

Murder is a Drama. The Desire for drama is very strong in the human race.


(29TH OCTOBER 2016)
*11:30 pm* *in a daze*

(30TH OCTOBER 2016)

So yesterday night, at 11:30 pm I’d finished this cracker of a book. And I wanted to write my review asap. But you know, having your mom scream at you for not sleeping earlier can be very disastrous. Hence, I’m writing this review now. 

This was my seventh Christie book reading and holy fiddlesticks. Was it not nerve-wracking! In this book, there are five suspects, a nursery rhyme and out old Monsieur Herculr Poirot of course who uses his little ‘grey cells’ to solve a murder case that had happened sixteen years ago. Sounds almost impossible but Christie proves you wrong every time, and so it was this time around too. 

The book had three parts. In one part, we meet all the five people present at the time of the death of Amyas Crale, renown painter. Everybody thinks his wife Caroline had did it but her daughter is bent to prove it wrong, sixteen years later. In the second part, we get narratives, requested by Poirot, from all the five people. And then, in the third and final part, conclusions, reconstruction and who the murderer really was. 
For almost 100 pages, Christie got me believing one person to be a murderer and then in the next half, another person, but in the end, it was some one else altogether. 


Christie makes you suspicious of each an every person’s motive and cause and that’s were the real guess work game kicks in from the reader’s side. 

I still haven’t got a clue, how Poirot figures all this out by rocking on his chair and his brain. It was really well planned. And Christie, you little devil, have once again proved us all wrong by your genius thinking. 

The only reason why I have this book  4 stars was because of the slow beginning that lasted about 40 pages. Otherwise, this book was perfect. PERFECT.  
It was like a drama. Everything so on point and perfectly carried out. Some of the things that I really really loved are listed below:

  • Hercule Poirot obviously. This man who was so aged goes and solves crime cases like they were nothing. I mean, seriously dude, hats off. 
  • The suspense rises right from page 90 to 331. Yes. So thrilling. 
  • All the characters were somewhat innocent from one point of view whereas they were all suspected from another. Several angles;  but the truth did uncover itself. 
  • I really loved Ms Cecilia Williams. 
  • The ‘Romeo and Juliet ‘ parallels that were taken that I only realised it later in the end that it was related to the murderer aka the real one. 
  • The Conclusion and the Reconstruction. Damn. 
  • Gripping suspense till the very end. 
  • Finally, Caroline Crale. YES. I SIMPLY ADORED HER BRAVERY. 

Please don’t leave spoilers in the comments section if you’ve read this book guys. 

Until next time, Anj xx

*gifs not mine. From le imterwebs.*


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