Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie 

Rosemary for Remembrance

Good news to the people who haven’t read this book and yet want to re a this book: This is a non spoilery review! So, read away!

MY RATING: 4/5 stars

*my Goodreads review, crisp and short*

Oh she has done it once again. Christie, you little devil. We get the perspectives of each one of the five persons and then we get into the investigating part. The climax was such an ingenious one that I hadn’t even thought of something as simple as that but yet so mind-boggling. Perfect psychological thriller. Needless to say, it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end, alright. 

 If you haven’t read this book, READ IT ASAP. Because. It is the perfect combination of all the right stuff. 

Got a taste for Crime fiction? Here you go. Got a hunch on who the murderer is? Haha I’m gonna prove you wrong. Hmm.. you are suspecting someone? Lol Naww that’s not the right person. Hoping for an ending you’re thinking it to be? Hell no, this ending is gonna BLOW your mind. Overall you think you got the whole plot down and deciphered? No you didn’t. Here’s another theory that’s gonna BLOW your mind.  

I’m pretty sure Christie would be cackling with laughter if she saw her readers’ expressions while reading this book or pretty much any book of hers. And the above paragraph you just read would be exactly what she’d be thinking. Being a Christie fan, I felt a bit disappointed when the first 40 pages were really slow and nothing much happend. But being the fan who knows something is definitely in store and it’s gonna blow everybody’s minds, I read on. And I finished the book in one day. YOU GUESSED RIGHT. BRAIN. EXPLOSION. KA-BOOM. 

ASFDHLKDJEIEDN. Gibberish. Speechless. I highly highly recommend this to everyone who loves reading because you know everybody needs some Christie in their life. 

And this is a relatively short review, so you can go and say together, “ANJ SERIOUSLY? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU RANTING ENDLESSLY?” Lol. Expect a real big rant for the next post. *winky face* 

Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post! Comment your thoughts below! -Anj xx


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