Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

My mini review of Carry On is on Goodreads! Click the text to read it!

You were the sun and I was crashing into you.


Hey! I’m back. I know. I should stop being so inactive here. As usual, school + work + projects + all the crazy stuff. I couldn’t even find the time to actually sit down and read a book. Except. I read Carry On over two weeks. And my reading slump hasn’t gone yet and GAH. GUYS. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT POSTING MUCH HERE LATELY.

Carry On, was a quick read for me. I know I said earlier that I read it over 2 weeks, I flew through about 300 pages of 517 during the last two days. That’s when I had got some free time. Carry On felt nice and cosy but I felt that it was quite slow in the beginning. If I had not read past 150 pages, I would have put it on my DNF list. The first part is supposed to be the kind of foundation that a book requires and I get it, that’s why it is always carefully written and slow and all that. But in the case of Carry On, the other half of the book was so fast, that I flew through the pages. It could have been done better. Overall I gave it a 3/5 star rating because there were few things I had issues with. We’ll get on to that later.
First off, the thing that ‘Carry On’ is a parody of Harry Potter. I felt skeptical at first, and then when I got into it, it felt so different. I liked the whole aspect of ‘Magick’ and ‘Spells and their Death’ and the usage of modern slang. There were quite obviously parallels to the Harry Potter universe but as the book progressed, it grew into its own tale.
I enjoyed this one more than the book it branched out from (sort of). Carry On was way better than Fangirl. AND OTP FEELS. SNDJKAUEHANJAGAHW.

The second half of the book was just like zooming so fast. EXACTLY. 

Rainbow’s writing style was quirky and fun to read! Despite that, there were a few things that bugged me crazily.

1. The book could have been 300 pages long instead of 517.

2. The plot could’ve had some more crispness to it.

3. Rainbow’s trademark ending that leaves it wide open for many freaking possibilities to happen and I wanted to know more about what happens to a particular side character. cough*Nicodemus*cough

4. How few parts were quite boring.

5. The fact that I wanted to love the book so much, but instead I ‘liked’ it and it was fine and I had issues with the plot. AND GAVE IT A 3 STARS.

It was so hard to talk about this book without any spoilers for my friends who haven’t read it yet. And now. Let’s move on to the spoilery section! People who haven’t read the book, DO NOT READ THE NEXT SECTION. Bye non spoilery folks!

First off, about the whole Simon and Baz thing.  I felt that it was the cutest thing EVER. Gah. *squeals * omg. It was so exciting to see Baz   and Simon realise their feelings they had for each other and OMG DA FEELS. 😭 That part was so freaking cute!!! 

Next step, the the Humdrum. Rainbow quite spun her world amazingly. She could have done it shorter and crisper but nevertheless. AH.

Thirdly, PENELOPE BUNCE. Y’All she’s the most badass female sidekick ever. She’s just so sassy and oml. Wits. Her brains. 😂

And finally, the climax. That end blew me away. Like whaaaat. Simon just gave away his powers? And th a mage was a villain all along? And Ebb? *cue screaming* THE HUMDRUM WAS SIMON ALL ALONG? WELL? TECHNICALLY? OR WHATEVER.



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