The Last Wild by Piers Torday

We harvest mice have over forty-six thousand different dances. We’ve also got the Corn Is Coming Dance. We’ve got the Corn Has Arrived Dance. We’ve got the Corn Is Really Something Now, You Should Check It Out Dance. We’ve got the Corn Is Kind Of On The Turn Now, So Hurry Up Dance.

RATING : 3.5/5

I remember picking this book up three years back and just not reading it and returning it back to the library. Just few days back, I decided to borrow it again and read it this time. And that’s what I did. If I hadn’t read this book, I wouldn’t have known Kester Jaynes’ remarkable journey discovering the Wild that everyone thinks has perished, a part of this trilogy. Talk about speaking to animals through some psychic brain connection. Well, our character here can do just that and he doesn’t know that until a cockroach who insists on calling himself ‘General’ asks for his help. Then come all the pigeons. Ninety nine grey and one white who always seems so muddled. Enter majestic Stag, Wolf-Cub, Polly-the girl who protects her cat Sidney with a gun, Captain Skuldiss- the potential baddie in this book working for the bigger baddie Selywn Stone and the scientist dad of Kester, Dawson Jaynes.

This first book revolves around the animals trusting Kester and finding a cure for this disease called ‘red eye’ which had destroyed crops and killed several animals. The book was excellent and it was such a great story that hasn’t ended yet. Well, why the 3.5 then? The first 50 pages or so dragged on and on forever and if I  hadn’t went through them, then I would have lost all interest in the story. That became the main cause for me giving it a 3.5 . It’s definitely a good starter for this trilogy and I really need to read the next two books.

The book also brought into light several issues that are prevalent in our society like extinction of species of animals, wildlife and it’s importance and why it’s so important to conserve it.

I really hope that you guys pick the book up and reminisce this wonderful piece of work though the first 50 pages will be hard getting into, I’m sure you’ll love it slowly bit by bit and then, BOOM! You want to read the second book! Or if you’ve read it, what did you feel about it?


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